There are sites like which talk all about the kinds of music channels you can get, but have you ever wondered how many of those big names were actually out of Colorado. We recently did a post about famous Colorado music artists and, today, we’re going to give you a few more to check out, but we’re digging deep for these.

There is, of course, Glenn Miller who is one of the best-known big band leaders and, while he was born in Iowa, he spent most of his life growing up in Fort Morgan. That’s Colorado enough for some people and, really, if you’ve heard any of his music then you know he deserves a pass.

Paul Whiteman lived in Denver, Colorado for a number of years, as well. He led one of the first “white” jazz bands and, in a genre which has its origins in African American culture and is largely defined by it, that was certainly a distinguishing quality.

Peanuts Hucko was another great one. He was a Dixieland-style player who lived in Denver a good number of years. He would perform regularly in the downtown scene and, really, the list goes on.

So the next time you’re listening to some jazz and you hear something you like, you might just be hearing one of Colorado’s many musical icons.

Colorado residents enjoy listening to a variety of music artists from different genres. You will find two symphony orchestras located within the state. Traditional and folk music is one of the most popular types found in Colorado. There are many outdoor music festivals that feature live music. Hundreds of residents show up at these festivals and enjoy the live music. If you enjoy Alternative Rock music, then you should attend a concert by Claremore Disco. You can find popular concerts in the Colorado area by searching online. Look for your favorite genre to find a More »

Colorado Springs, Colorado is a fast growing city at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The area is a popular tourist destination due in part to its location near Pike’s Peak and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs is also the home of several cultural institutions including the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Before the Colorado Springs Philharmonic received its current name, it was originally called the Colorado Springs Symphony Ensemble. This organization was formed in 1927 by a group of classical musicians in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

Since its founding, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic was continued to More »

The university town of Boulder, Colorado has many fine musical venues. From converted movie theaters featuring national acts, to small clubs and bars featuring local talent, the Boulder music scene has something for every musical taste. Here’s just a small sample of Boulder’s top music hotspots.

The Boulder Theater – Just off the bustling, Pearl St. Mall, this former art deco movie theater seats a thousand and has hosted everyone from B.B. King to Bonnie Raitt to The Decemberists. More »

The Fray, 3Oh!3, and One Republic are three of the most famous musical groups to emerge from the Colorado music scene.

The electro pop-rock duo 3Oh!3 formed in Boulder in 2004. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2007, spawning the hit single “Electroshock.” The group saw further success with their sophomore album, Want. The pair rode a wave of fast and sudden success that included a full feature spread in Cliche magazine, performing at MTVU’s 2009 More »

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Whether it’s dining on the patio, and soaking up the sun, while listening to live tunes on a Friday or Saturday night, or whether it’s any weather, Cactus Jack’s live music is a must. If you’ve been to Captain Jack’s, then you already know that even when summer’s over, Captain Jack’s excitement never ends! Captain Jack’s is notorious for fun More »

Arguably, some of the best-known songs about Colorado don’t have the state name in the title. John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” is the first that comes to mind. “America, the Beautiful” might not come to mind at all, because its Colorado connection isn’t that well known, but Katharine Lee Bates wrote the words after seeing Pikes Peak. Bob Dylan’s “Man of Constant Sorrows,” Jimmy Buffett’s “A Mile High in Denver” and Emmylou Harris’ “Boulder to Birmingham” are other less obvious connections.
But there’s no shortage of songs with “Colorado” in the title.
First, let’s check the ones titled simply “Colorado.”
There’s one by the Flying Burrito Brothers, also covered by Linda Ronstadt. Stephen Stills also wrote a song called “Colorado.” Merle Haggard wrote one, too, as did folk singer Chuck Pyle.
Songs with Colorado in the title include Denver’s “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado” and Haggard’s “Lucky Old Colorado.”
Townes Van Zandt wrote “Colorado Girl.” From the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, there’s “Colorado Christmas.” The Ozark Mountain Daredevils wrote “Colorado Song.” Folkie Judy Collins, who grew up in Denver, wrote “The Blizzard (The Colorado Song).”
For authenticity, try Denver indie band Paper Bird, which sings its own “Colorado.”

If you are a Colorado resident who loves a little bit of good music you’re in for luck! Colorado, whether you are in Boulder or Aspen or somewhere in between, the music scene in the state will not let you down.

Classic and jazz have long been a popular style of music played in Colorado, but you can also find an array of bands playing other styles as well. Heavy metal is popular in the state, though it is one genre of music often left out of the media scene. Southern Gothic and punk are also popular styles More »

John Denver was a living legend even before his untimely death in 1997. He composed nearly 200 songs over the course of his career, most of them centering on relationships, nature, and his love of music. Denver was without doubt Colorado’s most famous artist, having crossed over into the country and western and adult contemporary charts several times. His song “Rocky Mountain High” became one of Colorado’s state songs in 2007, and in 1974, the governor named him Poet Laureate.

But Denver had other aspirations as well. He starred in several More »

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